Protective glass coating becomes increasingly popular these days. And as it happens in any competitive filed there are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstanding about it.

Shady companies in their search for customers are advertising class coating as an absolute solution to shower door cleaning; promising that there will be no cleaning at all if the protective glass coating is purchased. That the water magically will bounce off the glass leaving it spotless and no customer ever need to get their hands wet cleaning the shower enclosure. 

EnduroShield Demonstration Video

Download the video to see how the protective coating works. You will see 2 bottles glued together. One is treated with Enduro Shield. The other one is not. The red colored water sticks to the walls of untreated bottle and the other one stays clean no matter what.

I would like to tell you right now and loudly – that is not true! There is no remedy that will completely free you from cleaning your shower enclosure. You can put 10 different glass coating and still will have some residue on the glass that must be removed manually.

But let me start from the beginning and explain you what glass protective coating is and how it works.

Glass seems a slick and smooth at touch, but yet it has pores on its surface and when the water rolls down the molecules of water getting into those pores and stick to glass.

That is the reason that we see long “trails” when water rolls down the glass.

The protective glass coating is basically fills those pores on the glass and seals them, making it difficult for water to stick.  Did you notice that i used word “difficult” instead of “impossible”? That is because it is impossible to fill all the pores on glass. No matter how hard we try – there always will be small “notches” on the surface that will allow to water to get anchored and stick. And that is the reason why i say that no matter what, the shower will need a good cleaning periodically.       

There are different companies and they are offering different technologies of glass coating. They use different chemicals and different methods of applying those chemicals to the glass. But if applied properly – the results are almost the same. The water on the glass forms the bubbles and rolls down. 

What is different between different companies – is how long that glass coating will stay on the glass resisting corrosive influence of soaps, shampoos, and cleaning supplies.   Any decent and reputable shower door company will inform you about warranties on glass coating. It may vary from 3 year to 10. Depends on manufacturer of particular glass coating.

What you have to do is ask the shower door company whose glass coating they are is offering and then refer to manufacturer’s web site for more information.

For example our company uses ENDUROSHIELD. The web site is . And the warranty is 10 years.

And there are other companies to mention, ”Diamon Fusion” is one of them                                                    ( ) and “Clear Shield” is another ( ) 


  1. What is your opinion of Shower Guard Glass, does it totally seal off the glass pores?

  2. admin says:

    To be honest with you, I never used Shower Guard. Since we are happy with Enduro Shield, we are not in search for other products. What is your opinion?

  3. Curtis says:

    I had a shower door installed today, it was not coated, and the installer didn't bring it up until I did.  After I mentioned it, he said they use Enduro Shield when they coat the doors.  He said Rain-X should be fine to use.  What do you recommend? 

  4. admin says:

    The difference between Enduro Shield and Rain-X is big. Rain-x must be re-applied every month or so, wheres Enduro Shield will stay on the glass during the entire lifespan of the shower enclosure.

  5. Colleen says:

    Are you able to have one of these coatings put on after the doors are installed?

  6. admin says:

    thanks for question.
    Yes it is possible to apply Enduro Shield after the door is installed. The glass must be cleaned, let to dry.
    Then after that the coating may be applied.

  7. Janelle says:

    My neighbor Lori cleans glass commercially and recommended a product “Crystal Clear Shower Glass Enhancement.” The Kit has everything you need to restore your shower glass and seal it. It took less than an hour – I haven’t had to scrub my shower glass in more than a year – and my glass still looks like new. I recently saw Crystal Clear on Hope this helps.

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