About the Author

 Hello and Welcome to my ShowerDoorWiz.com Blog – Weblog.

My name is Michael. M.B. – that is how they call me in my office.

I design shower doors.

If somebody would tell me 10 years ago that I am going to design shower doors for living I would laugh. After college, after all that math and programming, after all that computer science – shower doors? Who knew, a?

But with unbelievable twist of life, 10 years ago, I got involved in this business and here I am designing, manufacturing and sometimes installing shower doors for living. And I am very good at that! There is no shower door opening I can’t handle.

I can find solution for any situation, for any design, for any opening. More than that – glass counter tops, mirrored walls, glass partitions, railing, storefronts... you name it.

When we drive with my son throughout New Jersey, I like to point him the projects we did and say “We did this! And that and that too” or “All the shower doors in this building are designed by me!” I am good at this, most probably, because of that math and programming and computer science I took in collage.

A lot of work is being done in computer, using all engineering programs. Solid works, Auto cad… Anyway. 

After all this years I decided to share my knowledge and my experience with whoever comes to my blog in search for answers.

I decided to do it for a range of reasons. Mostly, because I see people, every day, shopping for shower doors and doing blowing their money away. They don’t have a clue, what they want, what they are going to get, and how spend money smartly. To get the most for the amount. I want them to come to showrooms educated and be prepared for what they are going to see.

Another reason why I am doing this is because there are questions that people (homeowners, designers, architects) are constantly asking. And I thought that if there was a resource on internet that is has answers they will read and not ask anymore.

I searched around and to my surprise found out that there is no unified site with shower door information. There are some company’s web sites, but that it… So here is my humble attempt to fill that gap.

So, if you have any questions or would like to know more about any subjects related to shower door business you can contact me at admin@showerdoorwiz.com.

P.S  Oh! Yes! And the company I am working is GlassCrafters,  New Jersey.