Time is Money!

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Tweet   Time is money; we all know that, are we. But is it clear to all of us what that phrase actually means?   For us, manufacturers, it means that if we do everything faster we get more […]

Its been busy!

Tweet Hi Guys,  Sorry did not do any updated for long time. No new posts, no new pictures. Its been very busy lately.  In the office and outside too. But no matter, no matter – here are some pictures.            All of them are Sliding Doors. The first picture shows a Square […]

New Addition to Hall of Fame

Tweet Here are some of the jobs we did to to long ago. Actually, they are somewhat the best jobs we completed between in January and April of 2011. This is Regal series door. Solid Brass Frame in Polished Nickel finish. It is Door and Panel. Door is 1/4 Low Iron Glass, fully framed and […]

Matrix shower doors – demystified

Tweet   It was 3-4 years ago, when my boss first showed me a picture of a shower door made somewhere in Europe and said:” This is our next model line!” Then there were two engineers, year and a half of drawing table, tests, negotiations, manufactures… in short –  all the pleasures of creating a […]

Job of the month April 2011

Tweet Just want to post a few pictures of one of our current job located in NY, NY. Its an office and the contractor asked us to manufacture and install few glass doors and glass partitions. Al the hardware is Brushed Stainless Steel, commercial hinges and  door locks. See attached.           […]


Tweet   Protective glass coating becomes increasingly popular these days. And as it happens in any competitive filed there are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstanding about it. Shady companies in their search for customers are advertising class coating as an absolute solution to shower door cleaning; promising that there will be no cleaning at […]


Tweet   It is very very important! Because the final look of your shower will depend on how good your tile work is. When a measurer comes to your residence to measure the opening for shower door he also will measure the plumb and level condition of the wall and sill, so called “out of […]


Tweet   From the point of view of a shower door manufacturer the strength and prosperity of your company depends on many factors. One of which is your customers. The better and stronger your customers – the better and stronger your business. And today I want to share with you my personal story about one of […]


Tweet   Shower door companies are not only manufacturing the shower enclosure. They also provide services that are very important to know about. What are those services? 1.      Measuring – custom made shower enclosures, such as frameless pivot doors, for example are requiring very precise measuring of the space where the shower door will be installed. We […]


Tweet   When you are shopping for shower enclosure, at some point, you have to choose for yourself what kind of hardware you are going to have. And when I say hardware, I mean two things: A. STYLE and B. FINISH (or color, if you prefer).             Hardware style – when shower door companies offer […]