Curved Shower Doors

Take a look to these pictures, aren’t they beautiful, these showers?

Sure, they took whole lot of engineering to design, manufacture and install. It was an accumulative effort of 3 different companies; shower doors, metal shop, and another company to bend the glass.

And, you should know, that they cost more than most people pay for their cars. And, in some states, you can actually buy a whole house, for that amount. So, think twice before you decide to have a curved curb and curved shower door on it. But if you are brave enough for an abnormal price – here are some tips.

First of all the radius of the curve – with most of glass companies it must be not less than 18”. It can be less – but will bring a number of limitations and will come at an additional price. My advice to you – if you are planning something like that, consult firs. Call your local glass shop, or search on internet for a company with such capability and talk with them. Second thing you have to know is most of the companies will bend only to a ¼ of a circle or less.

So, if you are planning to have a large glass tube as shower enclosure – it has to be done in few piece.  But then again is some cases, some companies may do some special for you. So call and discuss. Third thing you have to know – curved glass can have only one flat wing. In other words, if your shower glass should come flat then make a ¼ of a circle turning 90 degree and then continue flat, then it has to be done in two pieces, and in some cases even three. 

And as I said before – there are some exceptions. So, if you agree to face the consequences “Google” for a glass company and discuss that with them. And one more thing I should add. All what I was talking about here is concerned to tempered safety glass. Not laminated, not heat stringent, not annealed. This other types of glass have their own capabilities and limitations.