Pitch of the Shower Door Curb

Now just for a start lets imagine that you are a handy and you are your own tile guy. You took a vacation from your bill paying job and doing your bathroom tiles all by yourself. If you did not have any prior experience with this your would go to book shop and buy a book about tiling read it, then reread it and start the mixing thinset after that. Right?!

I know, I did that for my own bathroom! Those books are great. My personal favorite is Stanley's "Complete Tiling". And they explain almost everything you need to know to tackle tiles. But what they are not able to give it is the experience and conventional wisdom – that comes with years and years of doing tiles every day.

So, pitch of the shower curb is something that comes over the years – not every book will tell you to pitch the curb into the shower. It’s obvious, right? The water will run down the glass, over the curb, into the shower. … But every day we install showers, where curb is leveled or pitched out. Of course there are solutions for those cases too- a curb dumb for example, but the proper way to do it – is to pitch the curb into the shower.

Now, let’s say that your tile guy is finished with his job. How to check, if he did it right? Well, take a 2 foot level and put it on the curb  PERPENDICULAR to it and look to the air bubble. If it in dead middle – then your curb is level and it’s a potentially problematic.

If bubble is closer to the outside of the shower – then your curb is pitched in and your are good to go. And if the bubble is moved to toward the inside of the shower then you really should call your tile guy and demand him to come and fix it – free of charge of course. Now, it so may be, that your tile guy disappeared in the thin air (happens with them all the time!). Well even if so – it is not a disaster.

All you need to do, is to point to your shower door guy that your curb is pitched out and ask him to install a metal or plastic curb dumb to minimize any leakage. Now let go to the finical aspect of it. Some… just some…. Shower door companies may… charge you for that curb dumb additionally. Most probably they will not… but just in case… want to let you know, that is not unheard of to be charged for it. 

Of course that is also depending on the model of shower enclosure, your are planning to purchase. 

There are models, that are presuming the presence of a dumb, no matter what. I thing, that you have to bring that question up when you shop for

 shower door. See the pictures. This showers will have a curb dumb no matter what.

But the this one does not meant to have it.






SO, if you are planning to have one of  this, like on picture below and your curb is pitched outside you have to take care of it.