Radiant Floor

         This is the best thing ever. You walk out of shower, barefooted and the floor salutes you with such warmth that you want to just wrap in the towel and lay down. I am kidding of course. But it is very comforting to have a radiant heat floor in your bathroom. But here is the little story for you. We were installing a shower door in one house. And the shower base was without a curb. So, the hinges would be mounted on floor. 

        The contractor informed us that there was a radiant floor heat in bathroom. We asked where exactly. Contractor gave us the blueprints with an exact locations or wires. We started the installation and sure enough one of the screws shortened the wires. As we investigated the situation we found out that electrician who was laying down the wires for radiant heat accidentally moved them 12 inches from where there must have been.

        And as a result we got an expensive repair on our hands. The electrician admitted his fault, but all of us got some sort of loss. We postponed the installation and made a second trip to that residence, the contractor got to call tile guy and re-tile a large segment on the floor, electrician got his portion of very “warm” words from all of us and of course and foremost the homeowner got all the aggravation and stress.

       The reason I am telling this story is, when planning a radiant heat floor – keep in mind that all people are prone to do mistakes. And you have to be on top of things to try to avoid them.