Shower Doors with Marble Sit

This is very nice thing to have in the shower. If the space is allowing to do it – by all means – make it. There are only 2 things to keep in mind when you are planning it. First and the most important – make sure your tile guy pitches it into the shower. Same way, as for the shower curb – the water must run down toward the drain. If it paddles on the back corner where wall and seat connected, you are in big trouble.

Chances are that water will find its way through your tile, down under it and to the subfloor. You may not see it immediate but over time the floor and fathers may just rot. Take the 2 foot level (or smaller) and place it the seat perpendicular to the seat edge, if the bubble is in the far side of the tub (far from edge) than it is good. If it’s at the middle – it is potentially problematic. And if it’s at the closest side to the seat edge, then pick up the phone and call your tile guy. It has to be fixed before any further job is done on shower.


And the second thing that you have to know is this. If your seat crosses the bottom curb like this

then your shower enclosures glass should be cut accordingly to fit that corner. And most of the glass shops (places where they cut, drill, polish and temper glass) will charge additionally for large notch that they need to cut on the glass. So, it will bring the price up a bit – again, to too much, not going to kill you. And not with all shower door companies… it just I would like you to know why shower enclosures are expensive….

And just one thing for the end. If you noticed on last two pictures above, the marbles on the sits are cut to accept the glass. it is a very common procedure, that almost all shower door companies are do. They may warn you in advance or may not. But in any event when they come to install the shower enclosure they will cut the lip of the marble to fit the glass.