Shower Enclosures with or without Curb

             The first aspect of planning is to decide if you want to have your shower door installed on the 4-6” curb or to have it flush with your floor. Curb borders the shower area, separating it from the rest of the bathroom.  It creates a small pool in your shower area and when the shower enclosure is installed all water gets off the glass in the pool and down the drain. Also it adds a lot of possibilities for a creative design and ornaments.

The curb is not necessary to be made of the same tile – make it whatever color you want. A mosaic for example.  Of course there are conditions that will leave you with no choice – such as a necessity of the handicap accessible shower enclosure. 

Anyway – if you decided to go with flush shower enclosure keep in mind that the water has a annoying ability to leak where we don’t want it to go… and the entire shower area must have a decent pitch toward the drain. And the drain itself should be big and wide. Otherwise you will get pools of soapy water all over the bathroom floor.

Also it is very important to remember that overtime a scam gets accumulated in the trap beneath the drain, and it influences to how fast the water disappears in the drain. When it’s low there is always a small paddle of water around the drain. It is not a problem when you have a nice 4” curb in your shower.

But when it’s flush – there is always a possibility for water to get around. So, it is really your preference what to have – a curb or flush with floor. Just keep in mind those extra maintenance requirements, I was talking about.