Steam Shower Enclosures

 Another very important aspect of planning your shower enclosure it is deciding if it’s going to be a steam shower or just a regular shower enclosure. What is a steam shower? It is a shower enclosure, with glasses and walls creating closed cabin, and where a special steam generator is installed.

And you can have a spa experience without leaving its own bathroom. There are steam generators of different type and capabilities, so, when planning for it you should coordinate that with. The steam generator dealer will ask you about approximate sizes of the shower enclosure you are planning to build. When it comes to the shower enclosure, when ordering or shopping around for shower, please indicate that it is going to be a steam shower door.

Many types of enclosures require a special hardware to be used for steam showers. There are special inserts, weather-stripping, and vinyls. Requirements for air-tightness for steam units are much higher that for regular units. So your shower door company should know in advance that they are going to make a steam enclosure. Also, some other thing to keep in mind – to make a steam shower enclosure the glass must go from floor to ceiling or your shower enclosure must have a glass roof.

Glass roofs are not common, and not all guys know the proper ways to make it. Just in case you are planning something like that – you may need hard to find a shower door company that can do it. And finally ventilation. The steam shower enclosures must have some way to let the steam go without opening the door. The person, that receives a steam treatment, sweats, and would like to take a shower after it.


So, he should be able to remove the stream from the shower enclosure and start showering. There are one major ways to achieve it. It is to have a transom on the shower enclosure. Transom is a small “window” that is a part of shower enclosure and can be open or closed as desires. There are different pivot hardware sets that can be used to create transoms; each company has its favorite one.

But one general rule about transoms – there are limited in size. They range from 20”to 36” in width and form 4” to 14” height. It should weight not more than 2-3 lb in general.