Tile work

Now, this is very important! Because the final look of your shower will depend on how good your tile work is. When a measure comes to your residence to measure the opening for shower door he also will measure the plumb and level condition of the wall and sill, so called “out of square” conditions. And if the wall and/ or sill have an “out of square”, then your shower may need a filler to accommodate that out square. See this drawing to understand better what I am trying to explain.

What is bad about having filler? Nothing really – it just an extrusions fabricated on a special way to make your “out of square” opening “square”. But it may change a look of your shower if it’s big and chunky, and it may cost you additional few hundred dollars. Some companies will charge you for it some companies will not. On some models of shower doors, you may need those fillers, on some of them you may get away without it. It depends on model, shower door style, company, model…   what I am trying to say is – if you see on the invoice an additional charge for filler, don’t get surprised. It’s your tile guy to be blamed for. Another big moment in tile work is the decorative border tiles. They are giving a very good finished look to the walls and the bathroom itself. It is common to run a border tile across the entire shower space – from wall to wall. But when it comes to glass and hardware for shower door – it may get on the way. So, when shower door guy comes to install the shower and finds, that there are border tiles on the wall – he must cut a notch in the tiles to set the glass inside.

Some shower door companies will inform you about that prior to installation and some of them will not. Not because they are not a good companies, but because it is common in industry to cut through the tiles and marbles to set the glass. The notches and cuts must be as small as possible and accurate of course.  Skilled technician will cut through the tile making a space just enough for glass and channels. Not more than. An accurate cut to run a channel will not damage the shower door’s functionality or its beauty.

Another thing I want to mention is the glass tile. Sure they look great, but they are very fragile, and some installers are really afraid of drilling the glass tile. There are special drill bits for it, and a shower door technician must have one in his tool chest. But there is still a problem with glass tile. When they are being installed they must lay on a solid base of thin-set. Because if there are a cavities in layer of thin-set and the installer treys to drill through it the tile will not take the pleasure and crack. And, of course, it is a fixable; the tile guy will come back and fix it. And then the shower door company will come back and continue with shower door installation. It is, of course, a very inconvenient for homeowner, but it happens. And, therefore, when planning a glass tile in your shower, don’t forget to purchase few extra of those tiles and keep them ready until the shower door is installed and operational. And few words about “RIVER PEBBLE” tile. When planning to use that king of tile on tiles considers this – it is not flat surface, it’s all bumps – and when the shower door is installed there will be large spaces between glass and tile. The installer will try to minimize those spaces of course. But there will be a rather excessive use of silicone on the walls to cover and waterproof all that.