Purchasing Your Shower Door

When it comes to ordering a shower door people have two major choices.  First choice  – is to order enclosure by themselves. Start going to showrooms, shop, talk, design and decide.  The second choice would be – to delegate that responsibility to the contractor that makes your renovation. Typically there are 2 types of contractors – the good ones and not that good ones.

The good ones typically will take care of all aspects of the constructions or renovation. Including, of course, the shower enclosure. They will discuss with you or/and with your designer all the aspects of shower enclosures, they will be knowledgeable and competent, and they will take care of the purchase, and installation too. Sounds like a dream…  but I know guys like that. The other type of contractors – they are not as good as the first ones. I have nothing against them, but sometimes they need a watching eye and full control over all their actions. Match like kids….

You have to decide which one you have, can you trust them, or maybe you have to take control in your hands.  Or maybe there is no contractor – it just you and your better half. Then you have no other choice, but to take matters in your hand. And start dealing with all pieces of showed door ordering puzzle. I guess, what I am trying to say, it is different experience from case to case, how purchasing of shower door happens. If you have a good contractor – leave it to him.

And in case if your contractor is not as good as the good guys or you don't have a contractor then keep reading. In few hours there will be nothing scary for you in it. When you shop for shower enclosure, there are only 2 types of them that you can purchase. Custom showers – which are designed and manufactured only and specifically for your bathroom. And standard units, that are designed to fit standard shower bases and tubs. Custom shower enclosures are widely discussed on this web site.

They are more expansive, as anything custom, and lay in rather luxury end of shower enclosures. Standard, or stock units, are those that are designed to fit on standard size bases and tubs. There are wide variety of them from different manufacturers, with wide range prices differences and even wider possibilities.

The last generations of stock shower enclosures are multifunction cabins that are including water jets, steam generator, tub -all in one wanders. As I said there are large number of manufactures, with different models, and prices range. Starting from very not expensive sliding door units you can find in Home Depot and Lowe's and finishing with very modern looking automated room-like units. It is up to you what you are choosing to go with. Depends on your personal preferences, budget, and taste.

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