Choosing Shower Door Company

There are many shower door companies in USA. And as in any business there are good ones and not that good ones, there are bigger and smaller companies. Companies that are organized on corporate way and smaller ones, family owned and operated. And there are small glass shops operating from garages. Now, imagine yourself having your bathroom remodeled and shopping for shower door. So, you got a quote from some showroom, that includes the shower door itself and services.

And then you meet a “GUY”, or someone tells you that there is this “GUY”, that will make the same job in half of a price. So, naturally you are interested, and you paid him to build a shower for you. But everything has its price. Those “GUYS” are able to make a less expensive job because they are using much less expensive components. The glass, the hinges, the handles, the brackets, the clips – you name it.

The silicone, they use, is not mold resistant and you will get black residue on it in few months. The vinyls will crack and starts disintegrate. The double face tape will not hold and start failing of from walls. The chrome plated parts are not plated, but painted, and it’s not a metal at all, it’s plastic… The mechanics in hinges is not designed to last long… And many, many other small “cheats” that are allowing them to cut the cost. But is it worth?  Think about this – shower enclosure is a chemically active and aggressive place. We use chemically active ingredients – soap, and shampoo, to clean ourselves.

And while we are showering same chemically aggressive components are reacting with all the parts and components of the shower enclosure itself. And if the components are low quality then it will fall apart before you know it.  So, think twice before trusting that “GUY” who will offer you to make it for half a price.