Shower door companies are not only manufacturing the shower enclosure. They also provide services that are very important to know about. What are those services?

1.      Measuring – custom made shower enclosures, such as frameless pivot doors, for example are requiring very precise measuring of the space where the shower door will be installed. We are taking measurements to build the shower door, almost like tailor takes the sizes to make a custom suit. The precision of the measurements is up 1/16”. So, this is something that you cannot neglect. The measuring should be done by Shower Door Company, or by somebody who is train to take that kind of measuring. Don’t leave it to yourself or to your contractor. 

2.      Delivery well, it’s easy with this one. Let’s say that you purchased the shower door from showroom. If you discard this service the box/boxes with shower door will be delivered to that particular showroom, not to your residence. And it will be your responsibility to move them into your residence. And just to remind you that shower doors are made of glass and they are heavy sometimes and you may need special equipment to transport the glass. So consider that too.

3.      Installation – this is essential part for services that shower Door Company can provide. They manufacture and install the showers. And the cost of installation often is included in total price. Of course nobody can forbid you to save some money and try to install that shower yourself. Especially if you are handy. And any reputable shower door company will provide you with detailed installation instructions. But that concerns only the simple shower enclosures. Like sliding doors – where the installation comes down to a few drillings and screwing.


            Here is a simple checklist for you do determine if you are handy enough to install a slider.

            If you answer “YES” to all following questions – then you may try. If at least one of the answers is “NO” then please stay away from installation.

Can you draw a perfectly horizontal/ vertical line on the wall?

Do you know, what is the best mode to be set on power drill to make a hole in glass tile?

Do you know what silicon to use to waterproof your shower enclosure?

Are you able to move large and heavy glass panels without damaging walls and glass?

Do you know what to clean the silicon from the glass in case you made a mess?

I am not trying to outsmart you. I am just saying that there are more in shower door

installations than people think… So my advice, leave it to professionals.