Factory direct and showroom

There are many things that you can buy directly from manufacturers. Bread, for example, directly from bakery. And other staff too… In many cases furniture could be purchased directly, or kitchen cabinets… but not shower doors.

Shower door manufacturers heavily depend on showrooms and network of dealers to sell their product. And relations between them are based on the assumption that factory does not sell direct. Or at least sell for the prices that are so high, that a walk-in customer will not buy directly. So, if you walk into a shower door factory and ask for quote, most probably they will tell you that they are not selling direct and will give you a list of nearest dealers.

Don't get mad on them, it happen not because they don't like you. They do – you are a customer, but they can’t sell you direct because if dealers find out about that they will stop selling their product and that company will suffer. Even if you get a quote, it will be much higher than what you can negotiate in showroom. So, my advice – go to showroom. Good shower door companies are training personnel in showrooms. 

You can call to shower door company and ask their consultation, technician questions, or advice. But when it comes to ordering it – go to showroom, that is the place to go. After all the showroom carry models and shower doors from more than one company, therefore you will have more than one source to choose.

Go to more than one showroom. Talk with sell-people; ask questions, there is no commitment, no pressure. Ask, if they have displays, or mini samples. Ask for glass variety. Ask them to quote for you. And then compare the quotes. Ask about installation services and warranty. Make sure you are buying exactly what you want. Make sure that you are satisfied with service that you receive.