Introduction to Shower Door World

Well, it is just a shower door, right? Few lites of glass with hinges… What can be complicated about it? You are wrong!  It is complicated. It is as complicated as a car for example. For that matter, some people paid more for their shower door than I paid for my car! So get ready! The shower enclosure along with a vanity is a center piece in your bathroom, just like a bed in the bedroom. 
It can be small, medium, or big. It can be modest, average and lavish! 

The hardware for the shower door; channels, hinges, handles and so on can be aluminum,  plated brass, stainless steel. I even saw a shower door made of plastic ones…. Was pity picture. It can be different finished and colors – shiny and gloss, dark and bright…. The glass too- different thicknesses, different textures, different colors…
Let me tell you something – when I started with Shower Door Company in 2001 I though it will be a piece of cake. And to my surprise it was not! Not even close. Every homeowner sooner or later comes to face a day when he or she orders a shower door, at least ones in a life time. And since majority of people don’t have a clue, what is good or bad in the market, that process turns to a very frustrating and stressful experience.
Also, and most importantly, it gives too much space for all kinds of scam and lets some dishonest individuals to take advantage of shower door buyers. I will try to go over every aspect of planning, purchasing and using shower doors, in hope that my experience, knowledge and skills will help everyone.