When you are shopping for shower enclosure, at some point, you have to choose for yourself what kind of hardware you are going to have. And when I say hardware, I mean two things: A. STYLE and B. FINISH (or color, if you prefer).

            Hardware style – when shower door companies offer hardware styles, they are looking after major bathroom hardware manufacturers, like KOHLER and others to match. And there is virtually endless combination of different designs and stiles to choose from; for any taste, for any desire, for every dream bathroom.

           . But there are some limitations that you may meet. First of all, not every manufacturer has a line of bathroom hardware designed for glass doors. Like towel bars, for example. Normally, they would be attached to the wall. And there are specially made towel bars to be attached to shower enclosure’s glass.

            Sometimes customers want to us to use wall mounting towel bars on the glass. I am not saying that it is not doable; it’s just that sort of modifications costs a lot more than most people would agree to pay. And in some cases it is just downright impossible to do.

            What is very important in this situation – is to communicate with the shower door company to make sure that hardware of your choice is compatible with glass fabrication specifics and could be used or adapted.

            The second thing to keep in mind is the FINISH of the hardware. Normally, Shower Door Company will keep in stock hardware to match all major finishes of, let’s say, KOHLER’s bathroom fixtures. And they are always looking to companies like KOHLER, TOTO, CRL and others when replenishing hardware stocks.

For example few years ago Kohler came out with new finish called “Vibrant Brushed Bronze” or VBB for short. And immediately we called our suppler and placed an order for hardware of matching finish.

Now, let’s say you have a vanity facets and door handles in the bathroom in dark chocolaty color called OIL RUBBED BRONZE or something similar. And naturally you would like to have your shower door hardware in matching finish. And we, as Shower Door Company, will provide that. Because we keep all those matching finishes in stoke.

But what if your interior decorator wants to have all the fixtures in bathroom to be a 24K GOLD? We can do that too, in most of the cases. We have a list of partners that can match almost any finish. I say “almost” to reserve myself a safety spot, just in case.

Again, what’s important to do, is to communicate with your shower door company to make sure that your choice of finish is available.