Shower Door Waterproofing


The meaning of the shower door is to keep the water in the shower, right? And besides glass there are other means that we are using for it. First and the most commonly used one is the silicon. All the stationary parts of the shower door – such as channels, glass, header, base will by and must be siliconed. Everywhere, where one surface ends, glass for example, and other surface starts, wall; the technician will put a fine accurate bid of silicone and when it is cured completely it will be completely waterproofed. The silicone we use in the shower door business is a clear, have no color and cures in 72 hours. During that 72 hours is imperative to not to use it. No water must be splashed on it.                                                              


Another tool that we are using to keep the water inside is vinyl seals. The vertical ones –”L” vinyl, “T” vinyl, “V” vinyl and many others. They called so because of their shape. “L” looks like “L” and “T” looks like “T”. The choice of the vinyl depends on application and company. Some companies are using “T” where I would use “V” and vice-a-versa.

They will be attached to the edge of the glass or to the wall with a double face VHB tape. 

VHB tape also has its curing time – 36-72 hours. The vinyl applied properly will serve you… well…long time. But sometime they fail. Actually it is not the vinyl that fails, it the double face tape. And when it happens you have to call a local shower door company and obtain another one. Most companies will not even charge for it, if you stop by and pick it up yourself. 

Or the charge will be a really symbolical. In order to properly apply the newly obtained vinyl just remove the old one, clear the surface with alcohol, dry it out and then apply the new vinyl firmly pressing the vinyl against the surface. Let it cure for a 36-72 hours and 

then you can use it again. These instructions are just general rules. When you pick up the vinyl from showed door supplier ask them what their recommendation for installation is. In any event if you are not confident of doing that – they will come and do it for you… for a small charge.