Shower type choice / PART 1

STALL OR TUB. This is the most important stage of your new bathroom. If planed properly it can serve you well, making your everyday showering pleasant and convenient, and save you a lot of money on shower enclosure. Decide for yourself what kind of shower space you want – tub or stall. Both have its pros and cons. Tub – compact and durable, does not require any base and curb creation and tiling. Can be used not only for showering but also for soaking in it, if you are in mood.
But, it is always limited in shape and size. Of course you can have a small swimming pool have had built in your bathroom, but we are talking about standard tubs that are available in your local plumbing supply stores. With stall shower you are more flexible with any shapes and sizes. It can be big and large, it can have a half-wall on sides, and it can have a seat in it… anything.
The fantasy of the designer is the limit here. Anything that can be drawn can be build. if not one way than another. The downside of this kind of the shower is a price. Building of a custom shower starts with building the curb and walls and that alone can eat up all you r budget and on top of that building a custom shower enclosure will make another huge hole in your pocket. I have seen many times that by the time the shower curb is ready people would run out of money and use shower curtain instead of shower door. At least for a while.
Until “money printing machine” fills that gap again ;-)! So, plan it properly. Make up your mind and decide what our objective is, what is your given space and what is your budget. If it’s a secondary bathroom then maybe a tub enclosure with a bi-pass shower is your best solution. And, if is a master bathroom, then consider having a steam unit with water jets. 
And just one last thing – if you are flipping the house or preparing it for market ; keep in mind that separate stall shower and tub in the master bath will only increase the price of the house. In next posts I will give a basic classification of shower enclosures in general, to help you to navigate between terms and choices.