Shower type choice / PART 3

Shower Door Functionality

From the point of view of functionality the shower enclosures can be divided into a 3 major parts.

1. Spray panels.

 Spray panes are just lights of glass that are designed to separate the shower area from the rest of the bathroom. They are not an enclosure in common meaning of that word. They just keep the water splashes from getting around, and are often called European shower enclosures.They are really good inexpensive enclosures, but not my personal favorite. I found inconvenient the flow of cold air from outside. Makes my feet cold all the time. But of course that is not issue when there is a radiant heat floors in the bathroom or any other good heating elements. Spray panels can be pivoting – with ability to swing open. And fixed – these ones are fixed, permanently attached to wall/ceiling/curb/tub.


2. Sliding doors 

This is the most wide spread type of shower enclosures. Two lites of glass rolling left to right on some kind of a sliding mechanism. Or, a newer, more modern looking, sliding door system, where one glass is fixed and the other one rolling. Sliding door is the best solution for smaller bathrooms. They don’t require any space on front of the enclosure. Sliding door may be manufactured as a framed, semi-frameless of completely frameless. Contact your local Shower Door Company, or showroom. I am sure there have wide variety of sliding doors of different models and finishes that can match to any budget and taste. Another advantage of sliding doors is the presence of towel bars on the glass. In small bathrooms, where there is not much room on the walls towel bars on the glass are very convenient. But, please don’t try to use them as a substitute for grab bars. The grab bars are for supporting yourself in the shower. The towel bars are for towels and wash cloths. The glass may shutter if you try to support your weight with it.



3. Pivot doors. 

 This are the second most wide spread type of shower enclosures. Pivot hinges on top of any king on the door which can swing in or out of shower, or be dual-swing. Also as a previous type may be manufactured as a framed, semi-frameless or completely frameless enclosure. Hinges for pivot doors normally are the most expensive part of it. if you got a quote from somebody for significantly less than from somebody else ,please make sure you get a good quality hardware. Think about it. the hinges must serve you without fail for years to come. Pivot shower DoorAnd they are working in very hostile and chemically active environment – soap, shampoo, hears, water, high temperatures. All that makes inexpensive hinges to fail in first year. Make sure you have a good warranty on your hardware or good quality hinges.