ICFF show, NY May 2013

Tweet The summer is here! There were many changes in our company and lots of news! Firstly – we purchased and installed a laminating oven. We have been shopping around for a while for a supplier of laminating line, and then this guys came along. The price was right and the term even better. We […]

Surviving Hurricane Sandy

Tweet We, here in  Northern New Jersey, are not accustomed to hurricanes. Not like Floridians, anyway. They get them a few times per year and they are prepared – They build differently. They know the might of water and wind, and  make considerations accordingly. We, on the other hand, have trees that stand 60 ft high. […]

Publication in Architectural Digest

Tweet   Hi there, It seems yesterday it was a May 15 outside and look at this! Kids are back in school!  How that happened? Where was I last 3 months? I had planned so many things for summer and did not do half of it! But enough for this! There were some exiting things in […]

Atlanta Glass Expo

Tweet Hi guys,                    For all of you, who haven’t heard, from the 12th to the  14th of September there was a glass show going on in Atlanta, Georgia. It was not kitchen and bath show, but rather glass show organized by glass industry and for glass […]

Time is Money!

Tweet   Time is money; we all know that, are we. But is it clear to all of us what that phrase actually means?   For us, manufacturers, it means that if we do everything faster we get more profit. More products in less time equal more profit – that is a proven thing. For […]

New Addition to Hall of Fame

Tweet Here are some of the jobs we did to to long ago. Actually, they are somewhat the best jobs we completed between in January and April of 2011. This is Regal series door. Solid Brass Frame in Polished Nickel finish. It is Door and Panel. Door is 1/4 Low Iron Glass, fully framed and […]

Matrix shower doors – demystified

Tweet   It was 3-4 years ago, when my boss first showed me a picture of a shower door made somewhere in Europe and said:” This is our next model line!” Then there were two engineers, year and a half of drawing table, tests, negotiations, manufactures… in short –  all the pleasures of creating a […]