New Web Sites

Tweet   It is with great pleasure and honor i would like to announce that Glasscraftes Inc just updated its web site. Please give it up for it has all, the flashy front page, easy navigation, all brochures and gallery with all models and all lines. Please check it out. Also please be informed […]


Tweet Every time where there is a door, there is a hinge. And shower doors are no exception. Every one of them is using hinges. Except, of course the sliding doors; those use rollers. And when I am consulting architects ,I am being asked very often what kind of hinges are going to be used […]

Time is Money!

Tweet   Time is money; we all know that, are we. But is it clear to all of us what that phrase actually means?   For us, manufacturers, it means that if we do everything faster we get more profit. More products in less time equal more profit – that is a proven thing. For […]

Matrix shower doors – demystified

Tweet   It was 3-4 years ago, when my boss first showed me a picture of a shower door made somewhere in Europe and said:” This is our next model line!” Then there were two engineers, year and a half of drawing table, tests, negotiations, manufactures… in short –  all the pleasures of creating a […]

Steam Shower Enclosures and Ventilation

Tweet Another very important aspect of planning your shower enclosure it is deciding if it’s going to be a steam shower or just a regular shower enclosure. What is a steam shower? It is a shower enclosure, with glasses and walls creating closed cabin, and where a special steam generator is installed. And you can […]

Shower Doors and Radiant Floors

Tweet This is the best thing ever. You walk out of shower, barefooted and the floor salutes you with such warmth that you want to just wrap in the towel and lay down. I am kidding of course. But it is very comforting to have a radiant heat floor in your bathroom. But here is […]