Using and Maintaining

We are using shower doors and enclosures everyday. Twice a day, 4 time a day – morning and night.

And we want shower enlcosure to function properly as long as it humanly possible. And for that there are few simple rules that should be observed.

1. Keep it clean.

Cleaning is essential. if you let soap scum, hears, and dirt collect in mechanical parts, such as hinged, they will go bad in very short period of time. First they will start making squeaking noises when door is operated, they the clacking, and then finally something will fail and you will be forced to call your shower door company.

Keeping it clean is also necessary  for your good health. The black mold that grows in wet places is not your friend. Especially in places where you step in barefooted.

2. Don’t abuse it.

It is made of glass. And glass brakes when shot hard.  shower door of any type should not be slammed, drugged or forced. If you have problem with shower door not closing properly or not stain closed call people that know how to fix it – us. Don’t try to jerk it in hope that it will stop making that weird noise. It will not. Use it with reasonable caution.