Cleaning your shower door

Cleaning shower door comes to:

A – Cleaning the glass and,

B – Cleaning the hardware and perimeter extrusions.

  • First and most important thing you have to know is – No Cleaning supply containing ammonia can be used in cleaning shower door hardware – handles, hinges, perimeter hardware. That will eat away the finish. And that is half of the trouble. The other half is that the ammonia will diminish the silicone that is used to waterproof the shower door. It will start leak!
  • Second and most important thing to know is – no abrasive powder cleaning supplies in shower door cleaning. Not for glass, not for hardware. The abrasives in cleaning supplies may and will leave scratch marks on your glass and hardware.

You will see them immediately on the hardware. On the glass they are not so visible but overtime the scam and hard watermarks build up there and they are becoming not only visible – they are ugly. And it cannot be polished back, so your shower door will be ruined.

  • Third and most important thing to know is – you have to do it regularly. If your shower enclosure is used 1-2 times per day, then the cleaning is imperative twice a mount. It is used more often – then ones a week.

Of course there could be deviations depend on personal hygiene habits and hardness of water, but the idea is – you have to do it in scheduled manner.  The longer it stays dirty more difficult it will be to clean.

  • Forth thing you need to know is – there are special tools that will help you in your shower door cleaning quest. Squeegee and the sponge. You know what squeegee is, right? Just in case here is the link.

Cleaning the shower door glass with squeegee after every use is the best care you can provide to it and will make cleaning much more easer.

  • And finally the last thing you have to know is – what to use to clean your shower door? For removing the hard water stains from glass, I, personally, recommend to all and every one of my customers the “BIO-CLEAN WATER STAIN REMOVER” from CRL.

Its works like a magic, and its bio-friendly, and it will not damage your shower enclosure components.

And for removing lime and calcium and some stubborn water stains – this cleaner.

So, just summering up everything said before:

  1. No ammonia containing cleaners.
  2. No abrasive powders containing cleaners
  3. Do it regularly.
  4. Get the squeegee.

Other than that cleaning your shower door is not more complicated than cleaning any surface in kitchen.

So, Good luck and keep your shower door clean.