Shower heads

When thinking about shower heads there are two things that are coming to my mind. Its quantity and location. In common, when planning for shower door there should be two shower heads. One is on the wall or ceiling; let’s call it overhead shower. And the other one is on the hose – handheld shower head. That is a sufficient minimum.  Anything more than that is extra.

Sometimes there are 2 sets of overhead and handheld showers. And that is very convenient – especially in larger shower enclosures. But the problems with shower heads start with jets… this is a new trend, and an expensive one, to set 4-8 shower jets on the wall and to get water massage while in shower.

Sounds good at first, but when it comes to waterproofing that shower enclosure – it is a nightmare!  When planning for shower heads location and direction in enclosure, please keep in mind, that in order for door to swing it must be a bit smaller that opening.  And, although, we use specially shaped vinyls to prevent water from getting around, there are still gaps though which the water may get out.

Between hinge assembly, for example. And if there are water jets in the shower directed straight to door – there is no way that water will stay inside. If water sprays reach the door they will leak out. Simply because there are too much water in there. So, my advice, plan ahead. If you like to have a shower jets inside the enclosure, please, direct them away from door.

Otherwise you will wipe the water off the floor after every shower. And below see four shower enclosures with jets that are placed properly in reference to door. The water streams are not directed on door, but parallel to it. which, in aggregation with properly pitched curb and vinyls with provide complete waterproofed shower enclosure.