How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Glass Shower Door?

Replacing an existing glass shower door with a new one is usually less expensive than embarking on an entire remodel project. Learn about different types & costs associated with replacing your existing glass shower doors.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Glass Shower Door?

Replacing an existing glass shower door with a new one of the same size and style is the least expensive option. To calculate project costs, Modernize partners with RSMeans, a reliable cost database used by thousands of construction professionals in the U. S. Redesigning your bathroom can be an exciting opportunity to improve the appearance of the space and an opportunity to increase your home's return on investment.

Sometimes, even a quick, isolated solution can provide major improvements to your bathroom without breaking the bank. A perfect example is elevating your bathroom shower by simply replacing the glass shower door. Whether the replacement is for aesthetic reasons or because something is damaged, replacing a shower door is a great way to change things up. Generally speaking, a glass shower door can last up to 30 years if properly maintained.

But even if 30 years haven't passed since installation, you may consider replacing a glass shower door for the following reasons: The most pressing reason homeowners consider replacing their shower door is because the existing glass shower door is damaged or broken. The glass door may have cracked or broken, or the door may be older and showing wear. These are signs that it's time to consider replacing your shower door. Even if a glass shower door is still relatively intact, the homeowner may consider installing a shower door to increase the functionality of the home and its resale value.

For example, if a bathroom has a plastic shower curtain, installing glass shower doors can give the bathroom a modern and more open look, add light and give users more space within the enclosure.

It gives homeowners the option to improve the look and feel of their shower without having to completely change it. Can increase shower life Modernize the look and feel of your bathroom Repairing a broken or damaged shower door may be an option, depending on the severity of the problem

. For example, a professional can repair a small crack in the glass without justifying the complete replacement of the shower.

Other problems that can often be repaired rather than replaced include corroded shower door frames, water seals that drip around frames, stains and discoloration of glass. However, recurring leaks, serious cracks and significant frame corrosion are not as easily resolved and will need to be replaced instead. When in doubt, it's always best to assess the damage and discuss your options with a professional bathroom contractor to understand how to move forward with the shower door problem. However, keep in mind that this is a national average for all types of glass shower doors.

Some types may be more expensive to install than others. The most economical type of shower door to install are sliding glass doors, while the most expensive are usually frameless glass shower doors. The type of shower door you are installing will affect the scale of the work and the price of your bathroom renovation project. When it comes to materials, a good rule of thumb is that the thicker or larger the glass shower door, the more expensive things can be.

The type of glass treatments and textures you choose can also increase the price of replacing your shower door. This is because treated doors, such as frosted glass, require high-quality clear glass as the base material. Engraved glass, which has a more polished final appearance, also costs more than traditionally sandblasted glass. Homeowners who opt for frosted glass claim that the price can be justified by its polished appearance and by the fact that the panels are easier to clean without leaving scratches.

But this boils down to personal preferences and budget. Replacing just one shower door instead of an entire shower cubicle should be a simple task when it comes to the installation part. In turn, it should cost less money than embarking on a complete shower replacement. However, if the glass door you want to replace has specific, old hardware or a unique, customized size, it may be a more complicated task than you originally planned.

Also note that replacing the entire shower can add more significant resale value to your home, as well as repair any plumbing problems that may result from old shower screens. Modernize recommends talking to a contractor and, if appropriate, with the original bathroom contractor to better understand the scope and price of the work. Since the shower door is planned to be replaced, it is not uncommon to consider making additional renovations in the bathroom, either out of necessity or to make further aesthetic improvements. Here's an overview of the type of projects that are normally associated with remodeling shower doors and how much those projects can cost: replacing tiles in showers or small splashing areas; renovating tile floors; frameless showers with two walls; etc.

Many homeowners are wondering whether or not they can replace a glass shower door on their own. When it comes to deciding whether replacing the shower door is a self-made task or not, it's important to think about safety. Replacing a glass shower door is a fragile and delicate job; materials are easy to chip and break; poor installation work can cause damage, leaks and mold build-up in future; which can be very expensive to repair; Modernize recommends hiring an authorized trusted contractor for remodeling needs; use contractor checklist for finding right contractor for job; explore network of trusted contractors in area; type of shower door affects scale of work & price of bathroom renovation project; thicker/larger glass doors cost more; type of treatments & textures affect price; frosted/engraved/sandblasted glasses; replace one instead entire cubicle; additional renovations in bathroom; decisions & site problems cause cost variations in budget; etc.

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