Shower type choice / PART 2

SHOWER DOOR TYPES There are 3 major types of shower enclosures.


1. Framed  Framed shower enclosure is a type of enclosure where the glass; door or panel, is concealed in frame. That frame can be made of extruded aluminum with some sort of paint or anodized color on it. Or it can be a solid brass frame plated in different finishes. Aluminum frame is less expensive – although it is durable and lasts long. Plated Brass is more expensive, not only because its durability and quality but also because of Victorian reach and bold look that any plated brass framed shower have. A look that means only one thing – EXPENSIVE! Just like a luxury sport car or yacht. The glass that is used for framed showers can vary from less expensive ¼” glass, to a heavy ½”. Different companies are offering all range of product in this configuration.


2. Semi-frameless.  This type of the showers doors are combing elements of framed showers with clean lines of frameless showers.  The fixed panes are carrying some sort of frames, where the doors are frameless and don’t have any visible outlined edges. The hardware used for semi-frameless shower enclosures is mostly aluminum. They are not expansive, but at the same time very durable and long lasting. Of course there are some exceptions. There are companies that are designing and manufacturing semi-framed shower enclosures made of plated brass or stainless steel extrusions. But those are rather rare.  I should probably say that semi-frameless showers are the most common shower enclosure widely available everywhere.


3. Frameless.  Frameless shower don’t have any frame around the glass. The type of hardware that is used in conjunction with heavy glass lets shower door manufactures to make a full enclosure without using any framing around it. The glass that is used is ½” or 3/8”. Personally, I prefer this type of showers for their clean and seamless look.